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Molting Time!

The end of summer means the dreaded molting time is right around the corner. I don’t know how your girls (hens) are, but mine get moody and grouchy during molting season. And they can be downright mean with each other. Their body language says, “don’t touch me, and it's a plus if you just don’t look my way! “

Molting hen

Molting time is the loss of old feathers that will be replaced by new feathers. You will know it’s molting season when there’s an overabundance of loose feathers in your chicken coops and lots, you would swear someone had a pillow fight.

Another way you will know "the molt is on" is when some of the gals are looking a little naked or have a lot less feathers than normal. You may see a lot more skin than you’re used to seeing, or worst yet, a completely naked chicken. It depends on how serious a molt your girls and boys are having.