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The Value of a Chicken

Princess is a 5 year old bantam pet

What is the value of a chicken? To pet owners, no doubt, they will tell you they are priceless! Backyard chicken owners have discovered a very precious thing in their chickens. Not only something that loves treats but loves hugs. Not a single chicken on our farm has not been handled and hugged and then hungers for more. Since this is our full-time job, we’re able to give our chickens affections, and we have over 200 chickens that have a home with us here at Egg Well Farm. Some of those guys love the hugs, but most of them hate the hands coming towards them.

Socks is a Deathlayer cockerel that somehow got a cut on the back of his head

Deathlayer hen

and he continued to scratch it until he made a huge gash. We had to bring him in the house and keep baby socks on his feet, which is how he got his name. Every time I would reach in his brooder to pick hi