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About Egg Well Farm

From the very beginning we loved the idea of starting a business with the chickens. We only started out with 8 chickens now we have over 250 chickens. Now we take pride in growing everyday with stress-free chickens.  Egg Well Farm is NPIP Certified #56-555. We are also NPIP Authorized Testing Agents.

Egg Well Farm is committed to making breeds available to the public that are sometimes difficult to find and we hope to educate the public about the many facets of owning a chicken other than for consumption.

We have a vision to save chicken breeds that are on the critical, watch, or threatened list of the Heritage Livestock Conservancy. We also carry some of our own favorite breeds, and we treat each one of our guys and gals like pets. And as much as is humanly possible, our children, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles pick up each one as often as we can to cuddle. We pamper our flocks as much as our time and energy allow. We enjoy giving them treats like fresh vegetables, keifer, table scraps, and mealworms. Because they’re pampered our flocks run to greet us every time we go to their lots. Unless you have your own pampered flock, you cannot imagine how much joy this brings.

We work diligently to keep their coops and lots clean. One of the things we hear a lot is that “Your farm doesn’t stink”. I’m always amazed at that statement and sad at the same time. Chickens are basically clean animals. Unlike dogs and cats, you can recycle their manure to fertilize gardens whether vegetable or flower gardens. We clean coops once a week during the winter months, and in the summer only once every two weeks.

We are the Muse family. We have four children.  We have 11 acres, and we have  cows, rabbits we sell as well chickens, mealworms, and fertile eggs.

We work hard to keep our breeders close to American Poultry Association’s line of Standard of Perfection. We’re not experts, but we do research and study constantly to try to obtain a certain quality for the chicks we hatch. We sell from our barn, as well as ship chicks and fertile eggs in an effort to preserve at least a small percentage of heritage breed chickens.

We, at Egg Well Farm, consider ourselves breeders, not a hatchery, but we definitely have a lot to learn about breeding. I can’t help to take offense at being called a hatchery. We are still a family owned and family run farm.

We are all about protecting bloodlines and do not cull roosters, rather take them to the auction where we hope they’ll be purchased by breeders or a loving family.

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Light Brahma rooster named Babe
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