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We usually ship chicks early in the week, Monday through Wednesday except on occasions we know for certain they will make it the next day.  We have a minimum for shipping of 6 chicks for the purpose of chicks giving each other body warmth and comfort. We include gro-gel and when it's cool, a heat pack, which is not included in warm weather.  Chicks are shipped priority express, which means the chicks should arrive the next day, but that is not always the case. The worst case we've seen has been 3 days in the mail, regardless of priority express. It's always nerve-racking awaiting for the message saying the chicks were picked up.  WE WILL NOT SHIP UNLESS YOU CONFIRM YOU WILL BE THERE TO PICK THEM UP.



We ship eggs early in the week with the last day of shipping being a Thursday. We try to make sure the eggs will not be left at the post office during the weekend. We collect the eggs fresh a day or two before they'll be shipped. They tend to lose viability after 10 days, so our goal is to get them to you as soon as possible. 


We do not guarantee hatching rate. Before we ship eggs, we have tested our breeders' eggs to check for viability. The same eggs we choose for our own incubators are shipped to you. Once they leave our premises, we have no control over their environment, or how they're handled, and we cannot guarantee them. 


We make notes on the shipping box for the postal workers that they are fragile and not to expose to high heat or extreme cold. We place notes for the post office to call you for pick up. Sometimes these notes are disregarded and in those instances,  I would hold the post office accountable and ask for a refund. 


Shipping rate for eggs to most parts of the USA runs between $9 to $20, our website calculates the price according to how many eggs are purchased and how far they will be shipped, usually eggs arrived in 2 to 3 days.


I'm sorry, but we don't ship outside the USA.

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We do not Guarantee sexing our chicks. All chicks sold as straight run. No exchange and no returns on poultry. We have a minimal of 6 chicks to ship. 

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