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Best Chicken Breed for Me

If you are one of the many thousands of folks interested in owning your own chickens, there are a few things to consider in helping with your choices. Believe

Variety of egg layer hens: Buff Orpington, Dominique,and Rhode Island Red are all excellent egg layers of large brown eggs

it or not there are hundreds of different chicken breeds out there, and with each breed comes different varieties of characteristics and attributes. Some breeds are cold hardy more than others and some are more tolerant to heat. There are the breeds that are less flighty and some that love to own the position of being a pet. Some are better egg layers, and some are rare and going on the critical list for becoming an endangered breed. Some lay small eggs and some lay large eggs with a variety of colors: brown eggs that range from light beige to dark chocolate brown, white eggs, blue eggs, and olive eggs. Some breeds need more room than others and are better for interacting with children. There are some types of chickens that never seem to grow up called bantams and are mostly bred as pets and for showing. At last there are breeds best suited for community developments and some that make less noise than others. There are many things that can help you choose the breed that best suit your lifestyle.

One motivation to have your own chickens is to take a little control over what you eat, especially with all the bad things we hear about the food industries nowadays. The eggs sold at the grocery stores are not always fresh, and the living conditions of the hens that they come from are not always disposed to produce healthy eggs. Raising your chickens can bring fresh food to the table, and if you can manage free range the eggs will be even more tasty, and healthy. As will meat from meat birds be more tasty and healthy. You will know your chickens are healthy, thus so will be the eggs and meat, not to mention, the taste of farm fresh eggs is very much more delicious and different from store bought.