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A Protector and Friend

Since I began breeding and selling chickens, I've heard all kinds of stories about roosters. The most dreaded stories are some like, "My rooster just attached my three year old" "This rooster rapes my hens!" or "My neighbors are complaining about my rooster crowing so much", and on and on. But I must say, those stories dim in comparison to the good stories I hear.

Hero, Plymouth Buff Rock Bantam

Could I ever forget our little Plymouth Buff Rock Bantam rooster who ran to defend my daughter from a vicious large Splash Orpington rooster that she swore was possessed? Hero (Plymouth Buff Rock Bantam rooster) was the size of a teacup going head to head with something the size of a drum. I still smile about that. That cocky little thing loved his owner. He eventually went to a great home with some wonderful people, but he left his place in our hearts, and we still get pictures from his new owners. The demonic rooster was sold to people who said they could tame him. I never dared to asked what happened with him.

Just recently I received a report of how one of the Plymouth Barred Rock rooster we sold to some nice people saved his whole flock of hens. It is quite a story to hear. They said the hens were out in a field free ranging when a chicken hawk swooped down in a chase after them. These people said they seen the hens running in the direction back to the house and the rooster running the other way away from the house. As they were running and watching, because it all happened so fast, the rooster went head on with the chicken hawk in a full battle. After they were able to rescue this brave fellow, he was torn up pretty bad.

Fortunately, one of the owners worked with a veterinarian and knew how to patch him up. He healed up nicely. But not long after that, He and his hens out free ranging and there was another hawk attack, but this time the story had a much nicer ending. As it was told to us, the rooster ran while flapping and jumped up and grabbed the hawk with his feet and pulled him to the ground. During his battle he pecked the hawk in the eyes and killed him. I'm so proud of him. I knew the boys we raised were always very sweet and affectionate, but I had no idea they were fierce too. What a combination in a rooster. This family loves their rooster and said they wanted to come get more from us. Thank God, some people appreciates their roosters.

Today I heard another story of a rooster we sold some people. I just think love brings out the courage to lay their life down when necessary. This family heard a disturbance from the chicken coop and when they checked on it they found a fox attacking their chickens inside the coop. The thing about this story is how their rooster was laying across the hens taking all the attacks on himself. This family is very devastated. A couple of hens was wounded, but the rooster is in bad shape. They have bandaged the rooster and his hens, but they are not sure whether he will pull through.

These wonderful creatures are amazing. The way they stand in front of their danger to take all the damage while the others gets away is nothing short of heroic, even if it is just a rooster. I have a soft place for those boys. Most of the roosters I've had the privilege of knowing has been a blessing. There has been those that has run to me, or dance around me because they just like to be around me. I've had some that followed me around like a puppy and waited for me at the door until I came back out.

We love our hens, but there's just something a little more special about the roosters. They can be so funny sometimes, and their affections knows no bounds. I have sold many and I miss them all, I wished I could have kept everyone. For the most part I have found they are not only a friend to me but also a protector for me.

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