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Lavender and White Ameraucana

These guys are cute! Not only cute, but friendly. I adore our Ameraucana chicken breeds. They are by far, the friendliest chicken breeds I have had the pleasure to own. They have those little cheeks you want to pinch each side and just kiss!

Ameraucanas have been confused on a consistent basis with the Easter Eggers. I love our Easter Eggers as well, but the most important difference is found in their offspring. The Easter Egger offspring could end up being any multitude of colors. The Ameraucana will bear the same colors as the parents. If you breed Lavender Ameraucana to a Lavender Ameraucana you will get a Lavender, or a White to a White and get a White Ameraucana. But with the Easter Egger you never know, but they are always gorgeous!

Both breeds carry the blue gene, which is how you get the blue eggs. The Ameraucana can also be breed to a French Black Copper Maran and this is how you get the Olive Egger which bears the olive colored eggs.