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Gold Laced Cochin Fertile Eggs

Gold Laced Cochin Fertile Eggs


The Gold Laced Cochin large fowl lay between 110 to 160 medium to large light brown eggs per year. As the hens matures their eggs tend to get bigger. My personal 5-year-old hen lays large eggs every other day during winter months.  There are many colors of this breed as well as the bantams. They are large attractive birds popular for showing and good winter layers with good mothering abilities.

Cochins are quite showy. They are large birds, but thanks to their dense, long, and soft plumage, they look even more massive than they really are. The birds hold their heads high and have a unique cushion of feathers on their backs and saddles that gives them a distinctive curve from their necks and shoulders to their relatively short, puffed tails. Cochins are friendly, docile birds that adapt to either confinement or free ranging. They are quite hardy in cold climates. Hen lay most of the winter, brood readily, and are excellent mothers. They can be used as foster mothers for other breeds. Egg Well Farm offers the large version of Gold Laced and Silver Laced Cochin, there is also a bantam version, as well as, many different color varieties. The Cochin was admitted to the APA in 1874.

In my opinion: The cochin chicken breed is an excellent show bird and a great pet. They make a great broody hen should you want to hatch eggs ‘mother natures way’ and they will even except hatching eggs from other hens, and most times day old chicks from other chickens. They’re great mothers. We have had Cochins to raise their chicks until the chicks grew up and began to lay eggs. They do tend to go broody a lot, which can be a bonus if you prefer to hatch your own chicks. They live to be mothers, which to me is quiet adorable.

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