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English Mottled Orpington

English Mottled Orpington

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Orpington poultry often appear larger than they really are because their fluffy feathers. They lay around 190 large brown eggs a year. The Orpington breed are very docile poultry. Many people choose them for their sweet disposition as pets. Even though only Blue, Black, Splash, Buff, and White Orpingtons have been accepted into the standard of perfection, there are several color variations.  Orpingtons are cold hardy birds and with the proper conditions they can withstand some very frigid nights. Orpington roosters are prone to frostbite on their combs which can be prevented by adequate housing that doesn’t allow drafts to blow in on their bodies and combs.  Orpingtons can also do okay during hotter weather as well. Always see to it that your birds have shade and fresh water. Especially during hot months, it can be necessary to check frequently to make sure your birds are doing well since a lot of chicken deaths in the hot months are from heat exhaustion.


Some History

William Cook a coachman from Kentish town of Orpington England began the Orpington breed by crossing Minoraca roosters with Black Plymouth Rock hens, and then the offspring to clean-legged Langshan chickens. His goal was to develop a hardy, fast growing chicken that was a good egg layer with good table qualities as well. He introduced the Orpington breed to the English public in 1886. After about 10 years of being established in England, they were transported around the world.


William Cook also introduced many varieties of his Orrington as Black, White, the Buff, the Jubilee, chickens. A.C. Gilbert, his son in law introduced the Blue and the Cuckoo Orpingtons giving us beautiful bird varieties to choose from. The Orpingtons reached America by 1891.


Mottled/Spangled x Pure Black = 100% Black Split Chicks

Black Split x Black Split = 25% pure mottled, 50% black split, and 25% pure black.

Black Split x Pure Mottled = 50% Black Split and 50% Pure Mottled


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