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Barnevelder Fertile Eggs

Barnevelder Fertile Eggs


The Barnevelder is a good winter layer chicken breed. They do well in cold damp climates and lay large brown eggs. The Barnevelder originated in Holland almost 200 years ago but is a very rare breed in the USA. They are a medium-heavy fowl known for their striking coloration and production of large brown eggs. The double-laced partridge pattern of the rare breed Barnevelder is a showy beautiful bronze on iridescent greenish-black lacing on reddish-brown colored feathers. They are slow to mature taking 20 to 24 weeks. Roosters average 8 1/2 pounds and hens 6 1/2 pounds. The Barnevelders are one of the favorites for people who show their chickens.  They will sit and rear their own chicks. 

In my own opinion: To me, nothing can compare to these inquisitive gorgeous birds. I enjoy their love for life and need for security. I enjoy pampering our Barnevelders simply because they are the most grateful for all we do for them, and I love the way they glisten in the sunlight.

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    The Barnevelder originates from the Barneveld region of Holland and known for laying a large dark brown egg and are good winter layers. This beautiful bird has a single comb, is hardy and quiet and doesn't mind being confined. The breed was first recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1991. Usually they will sport a double laced partridge feather pattern. The Barnevelder chicken is rare to find in the USA but becoming more popular each year. For 2018 there is a 10-maximum limit per order due to our small flocks.

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