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Ameraucana, Araucana, or Easter Egger?

White Ameraucana


We have Ameraucanas, white, Lavender, Black, and Blues, you may be interested to know Ameraucana is not an Easter Egger. They are a rare and a pure breed recognized by the APA. The Easter Egger is not a pure breed and isn't recognized by the APA. We no longer sell the Easter Eggers, of which both lay greenish blue eggs. There are only 3 breeds or mixed breed of chickens that lay colored eggs other than the typical white and various shades of browns. There are a very few recognized breeds that lay greenish blue eggs; the Ameraucana, Cream Legbar, and the Araucana. The other known as the Easter Egger Chicken, is not a recognized breed, but rather a cross between any other chicken and either an Ameraucana or an Araucana and sometimes lay a variety of colored eggs, which is how they come to be called Easter Eggers. True Ameraucana & Araucana chickens are in fact rare.



Araucana’s originally come from Chile and were introduced to North America around 1921 and were standardized and accepted into American Poultry Association (APA) in 1976. They do not do well in cold climates and are quite rare. Araucana’s are rumples (no or little tail feathers) and have ear tufts; feathers protruding from the ear area. They lay blue eggs only. The APA Araucana breed standard calls for a tufted, rumpless, pea combed and blue egg laying bird.

Black Ameraucana hen


The Ameraucana is also a rare breed. It is America’s most newly recognized APA breed. There has been much discrepancy over the years regarding origins, standards and such for these two breeds. APA created a standard and recognized the Ameraucana breed in the 1984. The characteristics to meet the APA Standard for a true Ameraucana are as follows: Must be a blue egg layer. The shade of blue can vary, but it must be blue. Must have ‘pea’ combs; A small, plump red comb towards the front of head. Must be bearded and muffed. They appear to have a beard of feathers. Cannot have ear tufts. Must have slate blue legs. Although the black variety sometimes have black legs. Males must have red ear lobes. There are 8 accepted feather colors; Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White. Cock weight; 6 ½ lbs. Hen weight; 5 ½ lbs. Other characteristics include; curved beaks, large expressive eyes, absent or small wattles, full hackle, a well spread tail carried at an angle and 4 toes. These characteristics apply to both male and female. The breed also comes in a recognized Bantam variety. I found to be an excellent reference for this information. If you have a bird that does not meet these specifications, then it is more than likely an Easter Egger.

I love the Easter Eggers and they lay beautiful eggs, but it's good to be educated since some hatcheries list Easter Eggers as Ameraucana. The Ameraucana breed is a bit more on the pricey side and are rare compared to the Easter Egger. Having the knowledge under your belt when you go shopping goes a long way in helping you purchase more of what you're looking for.

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