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Join date: Jun 14, 2018

I am one of the owners of Egg Well Farm. I started selling chickens over 10 years ago wen I found how difficult it was to find Heritage chickens. My dad had chickens when I was growing up and I have always had chickens. When friends and relatives would ask where to find them, I decided to help some people by hatching them and then Egg Well Farm grew from that.

Chickens bring a lot of joy to my life and they teach me a lot of lessons about life. I'm a believer and followerer of Jesus, and one of the things that God uses to speak to me is a chicken!

I will never forget when I ran out in a storm to rescue a pullet that seemed to be lost, and even though she knew me became horrified when I picked her up. She must have thought a predator grabbed her. She was screaming and flapping her wings and in the process was smacking me in the face. I began speaking softly and held her close to my chest. I told her that nothing was going to harm her as long as she was in my arms. She still struggled and screamed. I began to sing over her and comfort her and once we made it indoors she began to calm down.

I made her look me in the face and once she seen that it was me who had her, she knew she was safe began to calm down. I will never forget when I said out loud, girl, you know you're safe in my arms! God sent a wave of what felt like hot oil over my heart as if to say, "exactly!" Psalm 91:4-14

Imogene Frazier