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Hatching Eggs Beginners Incubation Kit

Hatching Eggs Beginners Incubation Kit

Beginners Kit:  $250 plus shipping (* shipping charge depends on location)
• 24 fertilized eggs for hatching of your choice of our Breeds or a mix: (See breeds below)
• Hova Bator incubator with fan
• Egg Turner
• Thermostat/Hygrometer
• Candler flashlight
• Step by step instructions on how to incubate your fertilized eggs and what to do with the chicks.
Your choice of Breeds are:
Ameraucana, Light Brahma, Plymouth Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, or Welsummer. Either 24 eggs of certain breed, or a mix of your choice.
Note* 10 - 12 days to ship; or after your order has been placed we’ll let you know when eggs are available and it’s ready for either shipping or pickup.

For $300 you can choose to include enough eggs to fill your incubator we will include a mix of 41 hatching eggs.

Egg Well Farm, 604 Waspnest Rd, Wellford, SC 29385 contact phone: 864-497-3420 Emmalee

Egg Well Farm 604 Waspnest Rd. Wellford, SC 29385

phone: 864-308-6674   NPIP Certified #56-481    

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