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Covid 19 and Egg Well Farm

Isn’t this Covid 19 pandemic horrible? I have never seen anything to compare in my entire life! I know you’ve probably have heard plenty about it, so I won’t dwell too much about its many horrors. I just thought I would let anyone whose interested know some of the effects we have seen at Egg Well Farm. But what is up with the toilet paper??? I just do not understand about the toilet paper!

Starting at this point after coming through the Barnstore is the location of all our breeder flocks.
Egg Well Farm entrance

At the beginning stages of Corvid 19 it seemed a lot of folks went into a full-blown panic. Everything went silent out on the highways and stores due to the quarantines. But it felt like all the people that were quarantined came to Egg Well. I know that is a huge exaggeration, but it felt that way to us. All our spare chicks and every extra pullet and cockerel were gone within a week! Our orders through our website for chicks came in so swift that we had to put “out of stock” in our inventory to give .

At first, I just thought people were getting excited about spring, but after a couple of weeks of seeing panic buying, I came to realize that we were not the only farm being sold out. We know several other breeders and farms and they all had the same situation.

It’s going to be okay, people. Just be smart, take precautions, and of course make plans for the future, but resist doing anything out of fear. I still don’t understand the deal with the toilet paper. Why is everyone crazy about toilet paper?? Still laughing here.

Just to make a side comment, I grew up in Appalachia in the mountains of Virginia where many people had outdoor toilets. Let me tell you when I was a kid, we NEVER had toilet paper. You’d grab what you could find and then throw into the big scary hole when you finished. It could be newspaper, the brown bags that grocery stores put groceries in, those old tee shirts, anything! We had 12 people in our house with 10 kids, so sometimes we were looking for stuff to use.

I guess with that background growing up, I know I can do without the toilet paper if I had too, but we’ve been blessed to not run out so far. But not once has anyone in our family ran out and purchase more than one pack of toilet paper. If I’m going to stock up on something, it’s going to be food! You cannot eat toilet paper.

Also, if I should ever run out of toilet paper I plan to take 2 of those bottle like restaurants uses for catsup and put warm soapy water in one bottle and warm rinse water in the other and a dry wash rag to blot and then just wash the rag or a just use a hair dryer; It’s a manual bidet. You never know, I may like it and decide to never go back to toilet paper!

Getting back to the subject of how Egg Well is affected by Corvid 19 the first thing we grudgingly had to do was to let go of most of our associates that helped us on the farm. The main reason for letting them go is because they had activities and other jobs where they deal with the public and with children of their own who also dealt with the public. We’re doing our part to abide by the regulations of our state to only do with our business what was necessary, so we went down to one part time associate and one ‘on call’ associate.

Now we breed over 20 different breed of chickens on this farm and we keep our coops spread out for the sole purpose that if one coop caught some kind of disease or their were fire or some kind of damage from bad weather, not all our flocks would be destroyed, good for them but hard on us. We do a lot of walking and carrying things from coop to coop and egg collections. Since we lost our associates, not only are we constantly on the phone, email, Facebook, website, and face to face with customers, but we’re running all over almost 3 areas of coops and runs spread out and it feels like we’ve walked 100 miles a day! We did have associates that helped with all that. The good thing is that when the Corvid 19 virus came to our area, the weather was warming up. Speaking for myself, I cannot stand working outdoors with wet, cold, and icy winds.

Since the regulations for medical reasons, we’ve asked our customers to set up appointments for picking up their chicks at the Barnstore. It used to be we were opened to the public and we always invited folks in like we would any friend we’re happy to see. We come to know a lot of good people through our Barnstore. Since the restrictions we haven’t let more than one family in at a time and sometimes we take their chicks out to them in the parking lot.

We haven’t been able to sell some items that we normally sell only through the Barnstore and isn’t offered online. Our neighbor makes a few dollars selling aprons in our Barnstore, also she sews chicken saddles for people’s hens. That has come to a stop, the sale of our kefir grain, which the kefir milk is so good for poultry, have come to a stop, and we were just starting selling mealworm farms for people to grow their own mealworms. Mealworms are much more economical to raise if your chickens love them than they are to buy the dried mealworms.

We’ve been playing catch up with the orders for chicks, and where we were once selling fertile eggs on the side, they sold out so fast that we are not able to sell them anymore because we need the eggs to fill orders for chicks.

I’m happy about the sales. I’m not complaining, I just think this is a strange season that our country is going through. It’s so funny how everyone went crazy for the toilet paper, though. I do understand buying up all the seeds for gardening. I had a hard time finding seeds this year. I always buy online but everyone was out; never had that happen before.

We always try to put out a garden with tomatoes, green beans, corn, squash, celery and cabbage. I guess this year many more folks are going to raise their own foods, and I understand buying up poultry for eggs and probably to eat. I think that is probably incredibly wise, especially seeing how many farmers are having to destroy their meats because they have lost out selling to venders for restaurants due to the quarantines. You never know what kind of effect that may have on our country.

I hope folks are making gardens and raising livestock for their own foods. Our country could certainly benefit from extra local farmers and homesteaders. There are all kinds of tips on the internet for urban gardening and owing chickens for eggs. It really doesn’t take a lot to have a couple hens for eggs. One hen can supply 4 to 5 eggs a week, depending on its breed and age.

The main problems I have found is with neighborhood regulations and restrictions, and with the neighbors. But chickens are easy to care for. It’s just like anything alive it needs a shelter, which needs cleaning regularly, food and clean water and a place to lay eggs. It’s even nicer if you can collect the eggs from something cute and fun.

Stay safe out there, don’t touch your face, wash your hands, plant a garden, build a coop and raise some chickens! Oh yeah, if you run out of toilet paper, just make yourself a manual bidet. It’s all good!

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