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I got to tell you about Pearl

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

RIP Baby Girl; 2013 to 2018

I got to tell you about Pearl. She’s one of my splash Orpington hens. For a few weeks she gets to stay on the inner side of the chicken’s coop instead of with her rooster, because during molting the rooster was tearing what few feathers she did have left off her back.

At first, she behaved herself like a well-manned princess, but the longer she stays in the human part of the coop, the worst she becomes. Now she jumps on the tops of the barrels where we keep the feed, fortunately, there is a lid, because she poops all over them. She walks up and down every table. She finds every pile of trash that has been swept up and scratches it all back into the floor before I can make it with the dustpan I have to re-sweep it all over again.

We have the inside of the coop where we can walk down a hall and check eggs. The nest area sticks out into the hall and makes a shelf. Pearl has to fly upon the shelves and check out every inch. If I’m not watching her she will climb into the Rhode Island Red’s, or Dominique’s, or Welsummer’s nest while I’m checking for eggs. I thought she was missing her nests so I made her a couple of nests in each corner of the hall.

Pearl was so grateful for the box of hay. I find her scratching and turning in it a lot. She works on it to make it comfortable to lay her egg, but then she gets out of the nest and runs to where I have my eggs waiting in cartons waiting until I make my rounds and she pecks and scratches the eggs out of the carton to bust in the floor. I can hear myself saying, “Oh my Lord, Pearl! You are driving me crazy”. She looks at me with those big teddy bear eyes, and purrs almost like a cat. She loves me. Okay, I’m a softie. She is just trying to get my attention, but Lord have mercy on me! How will I bear it until your back is healed!

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